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Scrap Materials


Return PBaled Profilesolymers specializes in the procurement and recycling of PVC (vinyl) waste or scrap. The typical types of product applications include windows, fencing, decking, siding, sheet, point-of-purchase, blister, injection molding, start-up scrap, and powders. Return Polymers has expanded its capabilities to incorporate both pre and post-consumer products.

Return Polymers’ ability to provide a high quality certified product to our clients is contingent on our ability to manage a diverse supply chain.

  • Individual homeowner(s) looking to recycle PVC partsBaled Siding
  • Local contractor recycling site debris
  • National builders desiring a North American wide recycling program
  • Fabricators [window, fencing] looking to recycle cut-offs
  • Processor wanting to stop landfilling internal scrap and obsolete inventory
  • Multi-national OEMs with a multi-plant program

We have successfully developed our supply chain by our ability to listen to clients, evaluate the source, and define a fair market price. Return Polymers then offers support services, on-site certified truck scales and prompt payment to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. The support services could include 24 hour access, logistic support, packaging programs, guaranteed destruction and / or site audits.

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