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How often have you been able to attribute these essential supply chain requirements to a Scrap Recycling operation? I’d hazard a guess at NEVER, that is until you were introduced to the compounds, capabilities and services available at Return Polymers.

Return Polymers with over 50 years of polymer expertise is the only North American PVC recycling operation that daily delivers these critical requirements.  The recycling technology, complementary third party approvals and a fully equipped development lab allows our supply chain partners to directly replace more expensive prime sources permanently. Return Polymers can rapidly develop and commercialize products that meet your rigorous requirements and unique processing needs.

Return Polymers is an integral lean manufacturing partner with closed loop recycling, scrap management programs, logistical support and responsive customer service such that your staff can focus on your end products and bottom line improvements. Contact Return Polymers today to open up the endless possibilities.


Third Party Accreditation for Recycle Content Renewed

Third Party Accreditation for Recycle Content Renewed

Building products firms can now target USGBC LEED programs and Green Marketing efforts as Return Polymers renews 5 recycling certifications via third party audits....more

UL Component Plastic Approval

UL Component Plastic Approval

RP2008, 100% recycled PVC formulation, achieves its third consecutive Underwriters Laboratory certification in accordance with File E317350....more

Canadian Manufacturer Representation

Canadian Manufacturer Representation

Return Polymers is excited to announce the naming of Plast-Rite as an exclusive Manufacturer's Representative in southern Ontario....more

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