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The PVC Recycling Solution

We collect and recycle primarily scrap PVC material, helping companies eliminate landfill costs and improve sustainability.




Your First Step to Sustainability: Return Polymers

What To Expect


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Scrap Management Programs

As part of Return Polymers' Full-Circle Recycling Program, we collect, clean, and process primary waste PVC materials from material recycling facilities, manufacturers, and job sites.



Return Polymers handles the logistics of processing waste materials. We are expanding our methods of collection as we strive towards zero PVC in our landfills. Let us find a solution for collection that meets your needs.

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Responsive Customer Service

When our partners have a question, the Return Polymers team is just a phone call away to address concerns and solve problems with efficient, friendly, and reliable customer service.

We collect Rigid PVC, Cellular PVC, CPVC, Acrylics, Kydex, Compound, and ASA in the forms of pipe, siding, window, and more.

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Return Polymers provides a green solution to waste PVC materials as part of the Full-Circle Program to collect, process, and produce 100% recycled materials for use.

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By choosing Return Polymers as your Rigid PVC and plastic recycling partner, you will add sustainable value and knowledge to your constantly growing and flourishing enterprise.



Sustainability leader, Return Polymers has been changing the life cycle of Rigid PVC and plastic recycling with development and innovation for 30 years.


Million LBS

Return Polymers processes over 100 million pounds a year with added capabilities.


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