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Quality Assurance


Return Polymers is extremely proud of the high level of quality maintained and the measures taken to ensure customer satisfaction. The development and quality control lab is the hub of the entire operation. The focus of this department is three fold:

  • Incoming inspection of all recycled materials.
  • Production support through testing of intermediate products and finished goods.
  • Product development for client specific projects.

In order to retain the level of excellence, we have implemented a number of measures and updated the technology including:

  • QC procedures, practices and records are audited on at least an annual basis. The reviews are completed by internal staff, during annual audits by our ISO certified clients or GreenCircle Certified and quarterly by Underwriters’ Laboratory field inspector.
  • Calibration and verification of all devices by trained staff.
  • Uniform training of all laboratory staff as it pertains to equipment procedures, safety, customer specifications, documentation and sample retention standards.
  • Implemented document controls for all process information and recipe standards on a per client basis.

In order to ensure that the approved client formulation is manufactured in a consistent manner a number of procedures have been implemented:

  • All work in process is tested and recorded at the completion of each unit operation.
  • All finished goods are large lot blended in our twin proprietary system with 100,000 lbs. capacity each.
  • All lots have a complete Certificate of Compliance electronically issued.
  • All documentation associated with a finished goods lot number is compile to ensure source traceability.