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PVC Products

Return Polymers has over 50 years of polymer engineering formulation and separation technology expertise. The fundamental polymer understanding allows our team to create PVC polymer blends in a manner analogous to how traditional compound manufacturers use raw materials, except Return Polymers achieves positive results with 100% recycled sources.

All application and product development activities are typically initiated with our standard products, prior to creating tailored blends for the specific equipment, application or economics. Our technical team has significant PVC technology expertise that permits us to assist OEMs and processors with application development, product selection, die and screw design and production scale-up trials.

The product families are differentiated by color, impact performance, fusion, processing characteristics and surface quality.  Beyond what is in the table below Return Polymers also offers cellular PVC, custom powders, color tinted products and single stream regrind products on a spot basis.  If you don't see what your application requires, contact us.

An overview of the product families is available for download.

Product Form Base
Custom Color
Impact Surface Applications UL Approved Recycle Content Certification
RP1410 Pulv White No High Excellent Windows Fence Siding Deck Custom
  GreenCircle Option
RP1010 Pulv White No High Excellent   GreenCircle Option
RP1040 Pulv Earth Tone Yes High Excellent   GreenCircle Option
RP2008 Pulv Grey No Med-High Excellent Electrical Conduit, Cable Trays, Pipe YES GreenCircle Option
RP2000 Pulv Grey Yes Med-High Good Pipe & Substrates   GreenCircle Option
RP2500 Pulv Earth Tones No Low-Med Adequate Substrates, Thick Profiles   GreenCircle Option