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Third Party Accreditation for Recycle Content Renewed

By David Foell

January 3, 2012

Third Party Accreditation for Recycle Content Renewed

Return Polymers achieves another milestone in 2011 by successfully completing its second flawless third party annual audit, without a single reportable action required.  The five GreenCircle certifications were designed in such a manner to allow Return Polymers to uniformly apply the certifications to current and future formulations without the costly need for clients to reapply.

The certifications incorporate 100% PVC recycle content but with post-consumer levels ranging from 0% to 100%.  Every formulation component is traceable to the origination source and type to ensure compliance and recipe integrity.  In addition, each outbound GreenCircle product is labeled and accompanied by a verified Certificate of Compliance.   It is anticipated that clients will seek out these 100% recycled products in support of USGBC Leed rating product / facility programs.

If you are interested in how we can help, download the industry annoucement (PDF).

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