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We are your full service recycling partner, applying the latest technology to your application/operational challenges.

Closed loop recycling with Return Polymers In Ashland Ohio

Service Technologies / Capabilities

  • Closed loop recycling
  • Full logistical support
  • Contamination elimination systems
  • Optical and color sortation 
  • Dedicated white recovery systems
  • Size reduction through grinding and pulverizing
  • Full blending and toll processing systems
  • Pelletizing (new) 

Quality Proprietary Products with Return Polymers In Ashland Ohio

Quality Proprietary Products

  • Standardized mechanical formulations and compounds that can be tailored for your unique applications.
  • Full development lab and qualified technicians ensuring rapid development and quality assurances.
  • Ability to replace virgin products based on consistent physical properties and purity.

Environmental Stewardship and Certifications with Return Polymers In Ashland Ohio

Environmental Stewardship and Certifications

  • Founding member of the Vinyl Sustainability Council (VSC) 
  • Diverting millions of pounds annually from landfill into long life applications.
  • Closed loop recycling or outright purchase of your pre-consumer or post-industrial PVC waste.
  • Third party accreditation of recycle content that allows partners to obtain LEEDS points.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) completed by a third party demonstrates significant improvement. 

Integrity with Return Polymers In Ashland Ohio


  • Safety of employees is number one focus of daily production.
  • Positive reputation with many life-long customers.
  • No component or extrusion production that competes with your operational goals.

Return Polymers is your one-stop partner for PVC recycling. Contact us and we'll make a difference in your business.

Connect with Return Polymers and advance your business’s efforts
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