The Legacy of Return Polymers

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The Legacy

For 25 years and over 750MM lbs of landfill diversion, we’ve been in the business of delivering recycled PVC compound solutions to help local and multi-national companies reduce waste, incorporate sustainable solutions, and increase profits. 2012 was a big year for us, in which we merged Return Polymers with RPG, acquired the Rocky Lane warehouse, and said goodbye to our founder, Bill Hutira, as he retired.

In 2016, we also said farewell to the retiring president Mike Hutira, as David Foell took over the reigns as the President and CEO.

legacy, retired, owner, waste reduction, profit increase, return polymers

A Culture of Health and safety

Return Polymers has seen some big changes through Operational Expansions, in which we increased capacity, improved safety, and enhanced our worker environment. Unrelated to the expansion efforts was another employee enhancement, the Wellness/Gym Program, which saw 17 employees lose 381 pounds in 2015. The challenge was taken up by 23 employees in 2018 renewing the challenge with the aid of a corporately sponsored gym membership. Our company continues to stay active in the community by sponsoring two bowling league teams and earning a Safety Council Award in 2018. Stay tuned to Return Polymers to see what we have in store for 2019 and beyond!

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