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Plastic Recycling Services


Return Polymers views environmental commitment and responsibility as a core value that we proudly share with our customer and supply partners. This commitment to preserving the environment, while running a successful business, requires an ever increasing level of technical savvy, capabilities and skilled associates. A complete listing of capabilities and services is available for download. 

Grinder Satake Pulverizer

Unit Operations:

  • Manual sortation
  • Automated sortation
  • Primary size reduction (grinding, shredding)
  • Secondary size reduction (pulverization)
  • Optical sortation
  • Small lot size blending ( 0 – 20k lbs.)
  • Large lot size blending ( 20k – 100k lbs.)
  • Dedicated white recovery system
  • Compounding

Auxiliary Operations: 

  • Metal removal
  • Fine particles removal
  • Contamination removal [paper, laminant, weatherstrip, wood, non-PVC)
  • Bulk truck capabilities
  • Polymer characterization / identification

    Bulk RPG Side