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The Green Way: How You Can Incorporate Recycled Rigid PVC into Your Production Line

February 16, 2024

We can change the trajectory of our planet’s sustainability by harnessing the power of plastic waste, but it’s going to take all of our ingenuity across every industry to do it. 

There are a myriad of ways to incorporate recycled rigid PVC into your manufacturing process—and maybe even more—but we have to start somewhere! So here are a pile of ideas on how to make your products a little bit greener by incorporating recycled rigid PVC into manufactured goods.

Build with Construction Materials Made from Recycled Rigid PVC

Our parent company, AZEK, is well on its way to revolutionizing the construction industry already with its many different construction and building products made from recycled rigid PVC. This process diverts scrap PVC from landfills and transforms it back into beautiful, durable, sustainable building materials. 

Recycled rigid PVC can be turned (back) into pipes and fittings, doors, siding, cladding, roofing, fencing, window profiles, and more. 

Maybe it seems kind of obvious that old PVC pipe can be turned back into new PVC pipe. Hang in there with us—there are a LOT more applications for recycled rigid PVC you probably haven’t thought of yet. 

If you are a manufacturer of any of these types of products, you can smash your sustainability goals out of the efficiency park with recycled rigid PVC.

Turn Recycled Rigid PVC into New Household Goods and Garden Products

Recycled rigid PVC is weatherproof and easy to clean, which makes it an excellent choice for manufacturers of outdoor garden furniture. Its durability and resistance to spills and stains also makes it a great material for tool boxes and outdoor storage containers.

And because it’s water-resistant, recycled PVC is also ideal for drainage systems and gutters.

Incorporate Recycled Rigid PVC into Furniture and Home Decor

We’re not talking about turning PVC pipe into some new industrial art installation here; the scrap PVC we collect can be transformed into new interior design pieces, including picture frames, mirrors, and wall panels. Shape it into molding and trim or project boards.

Furniture manufacturers can choose recycled rigid PVC to incorporate into their chairs, tables, shelving units, and cabinets. 

Fashion designers can incorporate recycled rigid PVC into their fashion accessories. Use it in handbags, jewelry, and sunglass frames for durable and non-toxic material options that are also sustainable.

And don’t forget about Fido’s pet toys, pet carrier, and food and water bowls! 

Jumpstart Green Electrical and Automotive Manufacturing with Recycled Rigid PVC

Recycled rigid PVC can be used to manufacture cable conduits, junction boxes, and electrical enclosures. 

Automotive manufacturers, you can reduce your environmental impact by making interior panels, dashboard components, and trims and moldings from recycled rigid PVC. 

Heal the Environmental Impact of Medical Equipment with Recycled Rigid PVC

The booming medical equipment industry can help save the lives of patients and the planet by using recycled rigid PVC to manufacture lab equipment, protective gear, and packaging for medical devices.

Build the Future of Fun with Recycled Rigid PVC

Recycled rigid PVC is a prime choice for play, both outdoor and indoor. It is inherently non-toxic, impact resistant, easy to clean and maintain, weather resistant, and durable… all qualities you need when you put toys, sporting equipment, and playground equipment in the hands of youngsters.

This material is great for lots of recreational manufacturing, including building blocks, board game components, play structures, protective gear, equipment components, and stadium seating.

Make Offices, Schools, and Classrooms Sustainable with Recycled Rigid PVC

Manufacturers of office and educational equipment can benefit from recycled rigid PVC as well. You can use recycled rigid PVC to make whiteboards, educational tools, teaching aids, laptop stands, smartphone holders, cable organizers, file organizers, desk organizers, notebooks, food service trays, utensils, food containers, and binders.

Travel the Whole Green World with Recycled Rigid PVC Luggage Accessories

People who travel the world want to keep the world a beautiful place. Manufacturers who decide to use recycled rigid PVC as part of their suitcase components, backpacks, and travel organizers will attract the attention of mindful travelers.

If you have other ideas for how you’d like to use recycled rigid PVC in your products that we haven’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to ask us if we think our material will be suitable for your application. Connect with Return Polymers for your source of recycled rigid PVC.

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