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Skip the Scrap: Why Post-Industrial PVC Recycling Is a Win for Your Business

January 25, 2024

No matter what kind of plastic products you make, there’s bound to be some kind of post-industrial PVC waste. Most manufacturers toss these scraps straight into the trash.

But there is a better, more sustainable and economical solution!

PVC waste that is generated during the manufacturing process is uncontaminated, which makes it a prime material for recycling.

Recycling Post-Industrial PVC Conserves Resources

Virgin PVC requires more raw materials from an ever-dwindling supply of natural resources, but recycling PVC reduces that demand and helps conserve resources.

Post-Industrial PVC Recycling Reduces Waste in Landfills

It’s no secret that our landfills are exploding with plastics and other largely non biodegradable materials. You can be part of the solution by diverting your PVC scrap away from landfills and back into the supply chain.

Recycling Post-Industrial PVC Extends the Lifecycle of PVC

Using recycled PVC in new products promotes a circular economy of reused materials, extending the lifespan of PVC.

Consumers Love Recycled Products

Environmental sustainability isn’t just a win for the environment; it’s also great for business. More and more people care about what companies are doing to reduce environmental impact; you can be one of those companies that is on the side of the environment.

Post-Industrial PVC Recycling Is an Economic Win

Besides the flourishing of your own business, recycling PVC is a win for the American economy. It contributes to the creation of jobs within the recycling industry, and it reduces the economic burden associated with waste management.

Here’s how Post-Industrial PVC recycling works and what you have to do to make it happen:

Collect Your Scraps

That’s it. Our team at Return Polymers takes it from there, transporting, sorting, cleaning, shredding, and processing your PVC scrap back into a usable product. 

We know that every manufacturer has different needs, different sized scraps, and different quantities of scrap material they generate. We work with you to determine the best collection method for your company, which reduces cost and keeps us both efficient in our business practices.

You can be part of PVC recycling with Return Polymers. Call us at 419-289-1998 or learn more about how PVC Recycling with Return Polymers works.

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