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More Square Footage Means More Recycled PVC at Return Polymers

May 15, 2023

Return Polymers wrapped up a significant three-year building project to streamline and renovate our facility to further align with the strategic direction of The AZEK Company. The hard work of the team more than tripled the original capacity of the Ashland site. 

The multi-million dollar expansion project was spearheaded by our experienced internal engineering team, along with the design and engineering expertise of third party members from Nexus Engineering and Simonson Construction Services. The collaboration created unique designs for all parts of the expansion, ranging from civil renovations, electrical site upgrades, new technology development / installation, system designs, and overall site safety. The site water retention program was designed and installed to meet all EPA and city guidelines for storm water handling.

The renovation and expansion of our facility infrastructure included new grinder rooms, three cleared spans (open area without any structural supports), and additional receiving / finished goods warehousing. The expansion of the operation not only involved capacity and infrastructure items, but also improved the environment for the employees through the addition of multiple break rooms, two new locker rooms, improved lighting, and enclosure of transitional spaces for inclement operations.

The Return Polymers team enjoyed the collaboration with the teams at Simonson Construction and Nexus Group. As our Director of Engineering, Kevin Maggioli, said, “It was a true pleasure to work with Chad Emmons, Simonson Project Manager, and the entire Simonson team. Chad was meticulous with every detail of the project. He is a great project manager and made collaborations easy. This was a complex project, and yet he made sure everything ran smoothly.”

This expansion will allow our facility to continue working toward our parent company AZEK’s goal to recycle 1 billion pounds of PVC by the end of 2026. Learn more about what we recycle and how you can partner with us to meet this goal.

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