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Our Partnership with Trusscore

January 20, 2023

Return Polymers recently partnered with Trusscore, a material science company located in Palmerston, Ontario, to advance both organizations’ environmental sustainability goals.

Trusscore manufactures a variety of PVC-based products for residential, commercial, and agricultural use, including Wall&CeilingBoard, which is a sustainable replacement for painted drywall. This product alone helps to reduce the amount of drywall that ends up in U.S. landfills each year. Now, with the help of Return Polymers, Trusscore will be able to divert PVC end-cuts and other waste PVC materials from landfills as well.

And, because Trusscore has trusted us with their waste PVC, we’ll be able to continue advancing our goals to recycle more and more PVC each year.

Through our Full-Circle Recycling program, we deliver collection bins to central locations that are convenient for contractors, distributors, and material handlers to deposit their PVC scrap for recycling. Then, we handle all of the logistics to transport these materials to our processing centers to transform these materials into a sustainable product that can be used for a bigger purpose.

It’s through these kinds of partnerships that businesses can be agents of world benefit. We’re excited to partner with Trusscore and other businesses like theirs to make a difference in PVC recycling and help them meet their own environmental goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your company can partner with Return Polymers, let us know. We’re eager to connect with you!

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