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AZEK’s Full-Circle Reaches Boise

March 18, 2022

In recent months, our parent company, AZEK, announced that it will be opening a new manufacturing facility in Boise, IdahoThe new facility will manufacture products from two of our company’s most popular brands, TimberTech® and AZEK, which is the highest-performing, most natural-looking, sustainable decking available on the market. AZEK chose the Boise site because of the city and the state’s shared commitment to address and reduce the effects of climate change, as well as the availability of skilled workers to join the AZEK family.

It will begin by hiring 80 workers with plans to expand its team by 100 more hires in the next several years. The new facility will join Boise’s efforts to achieve their goal of 100% renewable energy by looking into LEED certification, solar and wind energies, high-efficiency utility systems, and smart-site management.

 As a member of the AZEK family and a driving force in the Full-Circle Recycling™ Program, Return Polymers is pleased to be able to supply recycled PVC blends to the Boise plant to support the production of new products. The Full-Circle™ PVC Recycling Program utilizes Return Polymers’ innovative recycling technology to collect PVC waste and scraps directly from construction and job sites as well as lumber yards, municipal yards and C&D recyclers.

Return Polymers in cooperation with the rest of the AZEK family of companies was able to recycle and introduce approximately 500 million pounds of recycled wood, PE and PVC into our beautiful low-maintenance and sustainable products thereby diverting it from landfills in 2021. In early 2021, AZEK committed to a sustainability path to expand our recycling program to divert one billion pounds of scrap per year by 2026 into our products. 

Return Polymers is pleased to be a part of the expanding AZEK family, leaders in the development of our green economy, which benefits both people and the planet. The Boise plant is slated to open this year. Learn more about the new AZEK manufacturing facility on our parent company’s website.

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