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Capabilities and Certifications

June 13, 2019

Return Polymers continues to work at the top of the field, incorporating new capabilities and certifications to our processes to bring the highest quality products to our clients.

Upgraded UL Certification

In August of 2018, Return Polymers, Inc. pursued and received an upgraded and ongoing UL Certification. Products with a Yellow Card designation meet stringent specifications by undergoing extensive material testing. This process ensures that designers, engineers, and processors can save time and money by accessing verified materials and components from reputable manufacturers.

  • Yellow Card listing file number E317350
  • Improved UL 94 V-0 capabilities a 1mm thickness or greater in all colors
  • Available in pulverized or pelletized forms
  • Applications in electrical raceways, refrigeration and other electrical devices
  • One of the only 100% recycled PVC products on the market that complies with this stringent specification

Titanium Dioxide Certification

In response to industry need, we went to work to develop a Titanium Dioxide certification service for our customers. The level of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in a PVC compound is an indicator of the anticipated weatherability performance of the product in windows, siding, fence or other exterior applications. The proprietary test method for detection of TiO2 allows Return Polymers to eliminate the need for very expensive tests such as X-ray Fluorescence (XRF). Customers are now benefiting by choosing to purchase this service and eliminate the uncertainty of recycle sources. As we developed the certification process:

  • All white sources were tested in accordance with the proven method
  • All samples were then validated using a double blind study and XRF
  • The correlation was in excess of r² greater than 0.992

Expanded Quality Control and Development Laboratory Facilities

Return Polymers is committed to further assisting our clients by filling the technology gap between recyclers and virgin compound suppliers. We are staffed around the clock by certified technicians who perform the following processes:


  • Bulk Density
  • Flowability
  • Optical Microscopic
  • Specific Gravity
  • Gardner Impact
  • Color Measurement (Hunter / CIE)
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Torque Rheology
  • Dynamic Thermal Stability
  • Ash Content (New)


  • Contamination Identification
  • Filler Content
  • Titanium Dioxide Levels
  • Material Characterization
  • Color Space Development
  • Impact Performance
  • Process Fusion Optimization
  • Complete Design of Experiments
  • Facility Audits

At Return Polymers, we’re ready to assist you with your unique applications. Give us a call or contact us here.

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