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Community Involvement

June 11, 2019

Return Polymers was built on solid science, sustainable values, and support of the local community, so we’re committed to giving back. By investing in our youth, together we’re building a stronger, happier Ashland.

Ashland Community Soccer Complex

(Formerly Ringler Field)

We are excited to announce that the Return Polymers Little Kickers PlayHouse has come to Ashland Community Soccer Complex!

President/Owner, David Foell, visited Ashland Middle School to surprise students with a  $16,000 check towards the DK's PlayZone project; a fun, safe place for kids ages two to five to play while their siblings compete in soccer (a game close to Dave's heart, as he is a referee). Many of the fine quality products in this playground such as the fencing, border, and benches are made with the company’s recycled plastic materials.

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Students at Ashland Middle School worked to plan the playground complex, including design and fundraising, as a way to serve the community and put academic skills to practical use. Both playgrounds are designed to be wheelchair accessible and inclusive for individuals with disabilities. The DK’s PlayZone will be dedicated in memory of Danny Krispinsky, a beloved local athlete and soccer coach who died Jan. 1 after a battle with cancer.

The donation was in celebration of the company’s 25th year of continuous operation in the Ashland area. "We couldn't think of a better cause to support, especially since our team wanted to aid in assembling the structure and source the other structures from our customers," said Dave Foell. Bring your family out to play at Ashland Community Soccer Complex!

Toys for Tots

In 2017, we chose to support our local Ashland Figherfighters Toys for Tots Christmas Drive. Helping to buy toys for children whose parents couldn’t afford to buy Christmas gifts was a joy. Our employees found it so rewarding that when December 2018 rolled around they were excited to participate; we’re proud to announce that over 60% of the company participated. All proceeds were collected by the Ashland Fire Department and used to brighten the Christmas morning of many, many children. We look forward to supporting Toys for Tots every year, but the fire department may need a bigger truck next year! 

toys for tots, return polymers, donation, collection

toys for tots, support, return polymers
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