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Return Polymers breadth of unit operations when combined with polymer expertise and sound engineering translate into a wide range of services. The complete listing of services and capabilities is available for download.

Processing Services (Toll)

  • Closed loop recycling: Characterization, sorting, clean and processing of customer materials in accordance with the customer’s specification and returned with complete COC documentation.
  • Custom blending: Using a combination of blending technologies, recycle materials or colors are combined to create large uniform blends.
  • Dedicated white recovery systems: Return Polymers has the industries only “purpose built” system designed to maximize the quantity and purity of white PVC.
  • Optical sortation: Optical polishing of regrind streams to eliminate virtually 100% of color or foreign material contamination.
  • Color Separation: Manual or automatic separation technology to sort difficult to separate tones or streams.

Engineering & Development Services

  • Custom color development: The state of the art color system combined with process and formulary expertise allows Return Polymers to meet customers color specifications as if it were a virgin compound.
  • Custom formulation development:Through a solid understanding of application development, processing and recycle formulation technology, Return Polymers tailors a blended formulation that meets the performance and process needs of the client.
  • Extrusion product / process development: In support of our proprietary compounds, our engineering team routinely performs “hands on” process development to ensure customer satisfaction and obtain immediate performance feedback.
  • Pre and Post Consumer Certification / Consultation: Return Polymers is able to document recycle stream type and provide third party certification in support of marketing or recycling initiatives.
  • Recycling site audits: Return Polymers will perform waste / recycling audits and document opportunities to mitigate disposal costs and maximize the value of the recycle streams.
  • Assured Destruction: Certified documentation that an OEM product has been disposed of in an environmentally responsible manager as well as ensured that all identifying marks, logos or trade references have been eliminated.

Support Services 

  • Logistics Services: Return Polymers manages over 4,000 loads annually throughout the entire North American network using all modes of transportation [intermodal, flat beds, vans, curtain-side, moving bottom, drops]. Return Polymers also has the ability to simplify the collection process for the client through various staging protocols.
  • Packaging Services: In order to allow easier collection of the PVC scrap, an option available is the distribution of collection containers ( gaylords, totes, collapsibles, pallets).

If the service is not on the list, please contact Return Polymers as we are up to the challenge.