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Return PolymersFor over 20 years, Return Polymers has been a leader in the development, implementation, and delivery of recycled PVC compound solutions for our supplier and client partners. Return Polymers employs 70+ associates in our state-of-the-art 100,000 ft2 manufacturing and warehouse facilities which is now centrally located in rural Ashland, Ohio on 20 acres of land. It is equipped to manage all styles and sizes of PVC scrap by sorting, identification, grinding, shredding, de-metallization, fines reduction, compounding, pulverization, optical sortation and large lot blending. It has a complete development lab that is operated 24 hours a day for rapid development and ongoing production support and certificate of compliance testing.


Return Polymers has been continually driven by our simple but elegant tenants of Safety, Quality, Integrity and Customer. The implementation of these tenants has resulted in unparalleled safety records, product consistency, customer satisfaction, supply chain excellence, technical leadership, environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness. The proven management team has over 50 years of PVC specific industry and technology expertise in companies that ranged from technology start-ups, distribution / sales, light manufacturing to large multi-national corporations.

Return Polymers will always strive to lead the recycle industry and bridge the gap between prime and recycle product quality. It is very proud to have been the first recycling operation awarded both an Underwriters Laboratory Plastic Component Certification as well as FIVE GreenCircle recycling content certifications in accordance with ISO 14021. These accreditations allow our products to be positioned in higher value applications and provide our clients with the assurance that Return Polymers maintains the highest quality product standards.


Return Polymers services clients in every PVC market segment including siding, windows, pipe, sheet, electrical, point of purchase, custom extrusion, appliance, injection molding, compounding and raw material suppliers. The attention to detail and unsurpassed quality has ensured Return Polymers remains the preferred supply chain partner.

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